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Picked Red Cabbage-My First Time Pickling Vegetables

So, I am not a huge fan of pickles.
Never have been.

I find picked cucumbers in particular to be so vile, that when burger places put them on my sandwich, I pick them off and try to avoid the juices as much as possible. Call me picky if you want, but I do not like them one bit!

But, since I am trying to have great, functioning gut health, I decided I should really try to get into pickles since fermented foods are so good for you! Now I know that pickles are NOT necessarily the same thing as fermented foods, but let's call it a gateway to gut healthy fermented vegetables.

I roughly followed this recipe, but basically all you need for pickles is vinegar, salt, and sugar.
Instead of a clove of garlic, I included garlic salt. I also added honey mustard for a little extra tang, and mistakenly used balsamic vinegar instead of red wine vinegar.

So, now we have a ton of strong-tasting pickles in our fridge. I won't say they are bad. They were actually a really tasty addition to a tuna…

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