One aspect of mental health is self-worth.
Self worth, confidence, and speaking my mind are all things I have struggled with for all of eternity.

I actually have Social Anxiety Disorder, meaning people scare the hell out of me.

Not really, people themselves do not scare me.

I fear being judged. A lot of that is held up in self-confidence.

So, what do confident people feel like?

This is a great video (if you haven't seen it yet) that explains the conclusions I have come to:

If you don't feel like watching it, the gist is to just remind yourself that you, and everyone else, is just dumb. This is such a freeing concept, and every time I remind myself to think this way, it helps me tremendously.

A lot of social anxiety, for myself, seems to be a strange mix of arrogance and being self-conscious. On the one hand, I have the pressure of feeling like I should be/am somehow above other people-whether that be intelligence, life choices, or whatever. Reminding myself I am just another bozo, actually really helps. It is freeing to remember I am just as silly as everyone else, and helps make it easier to just be myself. Since realizing this, I have realized how judgmental I have been towards others in the past, and has made me a much kinder person. 

That's me; What a ridiculous human being! 🙋
I hope to expand upon this, and provide more useful information in the future.

In the meantime- what do you folks think? How vital is confidence to your life?


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