Picked Red Cabbage-My First Time Pickling Vegetables

So, I am not a huge fan of pickles.
Never have been.

I find picked cucumbers in particular to be so vile, that when burger places put them on my sandwich, I pick them off and try to avoid the juices as much as possible. Call me picky if you want, but I do not like them one bit!

But, since I am trying to have great, functioning gut health, I decided I should really try to get into pickles since fermented foods are so good for you! Now I know that pickles are NOT necessarily the same thing as fermented foods, but let's call it a gateway to gut healthy fermented vegetables.

I love the way red cabbage looks when you cut it.

The Finished product-My picture unfortunately does it justice.

I roughly followed this recipe, but basically all you need for pickles is vinegar, salt, and sugar.
Instead of a clove of garlic, I included garlic salt. I also added honey mustard for a little extra tang, and mistakenly used balsamic vinegar instead of red wine vinegar.

So, now we have a ton of strong-tasting pickles in our fridge. I won't say they are bad. They were actually a really tasty addition to a tuna fish sandwich. I don't really like my tuna to taste too much like fish, so it was perfect. When eaten on its own, the pickles do not really hold up. It is pretty overpowering. Lesson learned, don't use balsamic vinegar in pickles.

But foods with probiotics, like fermented foods, have huge health benefits. Probiotics improve gut health, increase immunity, reduce cholesterol, and can even prevent cancer! Sounds like a win to me.

As you may know, the gut and thyroid are linked, so making sure you have a healthy gut should be the number one priority you have when improving your thyroid health. Probiotic foods is only one piece of the puzzle, but is definitely an important one. For those with hyperthyroidism, often diarrhea will be one of the top symptoms folks have, versus constipation for hypothyroidism. Anecdotally, even before I started getting medicated for my thyroid issues, I experienced less discomfort and bloating when I started drinking kombucha with heavier meals. It is so amazing to me how much power what we put in our bodies has on our thyroid function and hormones!

I am going to keep trying to enjoy more fermented foods, but for now I will stick with my delicious kombucha and whole milk yogurt.

What is your favorite fermented food? Any suggestions for recipes for next time?